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Routines To Keep You Home Clean & Tidy

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Routines To Keep Your Home Clean & Tidy

Let’s face it, we all live a busy life, so you never know what’s in store for you when you start your week off.  Although your home is all tidy and spotless depending on how much cleaning you did over the weekend, you are sure it won’t stay that way for long.  By the end of Tuesday, you start to notice your house is turning into one big mess, you start to fall behind on your chores and realize the things you have missed, like the dirty laundry in your walk-in closet, the dishes piled up in the sink, the toilet that needs sanitizing and the sink bowl gunk build up, the front door entrance with several shoes and a used gym bag right in the hallway.  Before the week’s end, your house has become a disaster zone and it will continue to get worse until you get into action and start tidying up.  It is like a vicious circle that works like clockwork every single week. 

We have come up with a few morning and night routines that you can implement to significantly reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do when it’s actually time to clean.  Do yourself a favor and make your life easier by using these daily cleaning hacks so you don’t have to waste your weekends playing catch-up with your cleaning chores. Although it may take a few minutes of your day, we promise you will free up some much-needed time on your weekends

Living & Bedroom

Morning Routine:

Make Your Bed When You Get Up.  By making your bed, you are decluttering which in turn lowers your level of stress as you’re not wasting mental energy.  It also gives you a sense of control over your day as well as gives you a sense of accomplishment.

De-clutter Your Closet Keeping an empty garbage bag in your closet where you can easily chug articles of clothing that you no longer need can significantly reduce the amount of clothes you no longer wear in your closet.  You can take that bag full of clothes that no longer work for you to the nearest Thrift Store, you will not only feel good about donating but you will have a fresh and clutter-free closet.

Keep Your Night Table Clear & Clean

Having wet wipes in the drawers of the night table, you can easily pick a couple of wipes and clean your night table with when you are picking your phone.  It is on less thing you need to dust or wipe on the weekend.

Night Routine:

One Hamper For Each Person. Each person in the house needs to have a dedicated laundry basket for her or himself, one hamper for the whole family is not enough.  There should also be an extra one for linens.  You can go even further to separate whites in advance by using two-basket hampers.

Start The Laundry Machine As Soon As You Are Home.  If there is enough laundry for one load, load up the washer and start the cycle, this ensures you have enough time to dry and fold. DO NOT bring unfolded laundry into your bedroom, have a folding area in or near the laundry room, make it a rule to fold and iron as soon as the clothes are out of the dryer, no exceptions!

Wipe coffee tables.  Whether you are watching a classic movie or catching up on your favorite show, make sure to quick clear and wipe down your coffee table or side tables during a commercial break or an intermission.

Hang Items You Wore Immediately You know the feeling when you get home from work tired and just want change into something comfortable and sometimes have the tendency to just throw the clothes we are wearing on a chair or on the floor.  If they can be worn once more, make it a habit to hang them.



Morning Routine:

Keep a Hamper For Towels.  Do not throw towels in the tub or on your bathroom floor, you are not at a hotel.  If they’ve gone past their 3 day use, throw them in the hamper

Clean / Sanitize Shower After Use.  Spray your shower with cleaner after every use and rinse it.  It only takes a couple of minutes but it can save you hours of scrapping the shower or bathtub as there may be build up of gunk if left unwiped over time.

Hang Robes and Towels.  Hang all towels and/or your bathrobe in order to get the most use of it.  It needs to air-dry for you to be able to use it a few times.  It is more sanitary that way and will keep your bathroom looking clean.

Night Routine:

Clean Toilet Bowl. Before you start to brush your teeth or wash your face, spray some toilet cleaner in the toilet and let it sit until your done brushing. Wipe the seat and give the toilet bowl a quick scrub.

Clean Bathroom Countertops: Give your bathroom countertops a quick wipe before you go to get your beauty sleep.  And try not to throw everything in your vanity, discard anything you do not need or that doesn’t belong in the bathroom.


Morning Routine:

Clean Spills Right Away.  It is bound to get messing when you are cooking in the kitchen so it is then important to clean spills right away, it is easier to notice them in daylight, go with a wet cloth and wipe down al countertops and then floors.  Some spills left over time can stain the surface and may be hard to get them out if not taken care of right away.

Do Not Leave Dirty Dishes.  Do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher, when you are brewing your coffee in the morning, quickly wash any dirty dishes you see in the sink or throw them in the dishwasher and turn on a quick washing cycle.  Your sink should be empty of any dishes before you leave for work in the morning.

Night Routine:

Wipe Your Fridge, oven and countertops.  Clean the exterior of the fridge and oven to avoid leaving permanent stains especially if you own an oven with a ceramic top.  Wipe and sanitize the kitchen countertops so you can wake up to a spotless kitchen.

Clean kitchen cabinets.  It is important to give your kitchen cabinet doors a quick wipe down once in a while. Have a wet cloth, soak it in some warm water and little bit of soap, gently wipe your kitchen cabinet doors and handles to room any oil build or finger prints, it keeps the look of your overall kitchen clean and new.

Implement some of these morning and night routines in your daily lives and you are sure to save yourself at least a couple of hours during the week.  These do not need to be implement right away but if you do follow one or two routines, over time it is sure to leave your home much cleaner, It will save you time so you are able to spend more of it with family and make your life easier.  If however, you do need a professional cleaning company to take care of your home once a month or just a one time cleaning, Maids in Calgary does an awesome job and are a flat rate service, insured and have amazing cleaners!

Apartment Cleaning Tools

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Apartment Cleaning Supplies & Tools


Your place is your sanctuary, it is important then to keep it clean to avoid germs and dirt and insure a healthy and happy life. Having a clean apartment reduces and eliminates the spread of illness all throughout your space. You are also not constantly losing things and looking for them wondering where you may have placed them.
For any job, the right tools make all the difference, so to clean your apartment just like the pros at Alpine Maids would, the right tools & supplies are crucial in getting the job done efficiently and without losing your cool. Each room in your apartment requires a different set of cleaning supplies & tools as each room is cleaned a certain way. Here is a list of supplies & tools we think may come in handy when cleaning:



We all love our kitchens, even more so when it’s clean, for your kitchen, you need a Dustpan & brush for the floors, sponge with soap mixed in warm water to clean the appliances’ exteriors, granite or countertop cleaner for the countertops (whichever is applicable), cleanser that is not too harsh/strong, drain opener- if needed, a vacuum to clean out your kitchen drawers and cabinets, towels to clean underneath the sink and separate towels for cleaning inside of the fridge – and if required baking soda to keep in your fridge to get rid of any funny smells. If you want to clean the inside of your oven, please be sure to have a face mask as oven cleaning chemicals are quite strong and inhaling it may make you ill.



A clean bathroom is a sign of a clean & tidy family, when guests come to visit, more than likely they will end up using your bathroom, you would need a toilet brush to clean inside & around the toilet along with toilet cleaner, shower/bathtub cleaner for the shower or bathtub, a mop for the floors


Living & Bedroms

Living Rooms are more like family rooms and bedrooms where you need to get a good night sleep. You need a vacuum for the floors, cloths dampened in warm soap water for wiping furniture and dressers, window cleaner for the windows and mirrors and disinfectant spray and freshener.
You should aim to clean your apartment at least twice a month to avoid clutter and build up of dust.  Try these household items to keep your apartment clean, if you do not have the time to do the cleaning yourself and are in the Denver area,  you can hire a professional cleaning company like Alpine Maids on a recurring basis which will give you peace of mind knowing your home will be spotless and germ free.